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We provide museum-quality and color-faithful printing and scanning for Hawaii’s artists and photographers that require maximum detail, color consistency, and longevity. We can print your original artwork on canvas, fine art paper, aluminum, and products.
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Our history

Chromaco Fine Art Services was established in 2000 by Larry McCarthy and Todd Georgopapadakos in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Prior to that, Todd worked in art publishing where he was faced with a consistent problem of colors shifting when the artist proof would come back from the printer.  So, Todd and Larry—an engineer by trade, got together and developed a mathematical solution that “reverse-engineered” the printing process that bridged the gap between digital image creation and commercial printing to correct colors from shifting during exchanges between parties and the printing process.

Today, we have expanded our color-management process by offering archival fine art giclée printing and dye-sublimation prints for local and international artist. By printing in-house, we are able to create color profiles for each and every substrate we print on to ensure a consistent and accurate color that matches exactly how you originally created it. Our commitment is to the artist by providing a high level of scan, print, and color quality and consistency.

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