Chromaco - Fine Art ScanningFeatured Artwork: “Hanalei by Twilight” by Susie Anderson

Fine art two-dimensional digital scanning provides a high-resolution, tightly controlled color management workflow that captures every subtle variation, detail, and texture to match your original painting.

Our state-of-the-art 200 Megapixel multi-shot scanning camera takes 6 high-speed continuous shots; with each shot the camera moves an increment to capture more accurate detail and color, then combines imagery to create one large file up to 1.2GB. This multi-shot technology eliminates the issues that traditional single-shot cameras and their interpolation routine can sometimes introduce, such as moiré patterns and color rendering issues. It does this by physically moving the multi-shot sensor 1 pixel at a time, thereby capturing the red, green, and blue information in each individual pixel point and then combining these captures into one. This results in a “true color” and moiré-free capture, with much greater level of detail as there is no need for interpolation at all.

You will find no better scans in Hawaii or in most other art scanning services… our camera equipment is state-of-the-art and is used by world class organizations such as The Met, The Tate, The Guggenheim, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the LDS in Salt Lake City. We would be happy to provide you with first class art scans for your art program.


Flatbed Scan
Size Up to 11″×17″
Studio Scan
Size Up to 6’×8′
Printed Proof on Your
Choice of Material
Master File
on CD


Our Studio Scans


High Quality Art Scanning

Sharp, Detailed, and Vibrant

Resolution size of 12,400 x 16,544 captures every nuance of detail and color shift creating an incredibly high-quality image perfect for printing.

 Scanning for Archival Printing

Archival Quality

Digitize your originals for print reproduction, insurance documentation, and to ensure you will always have a backup of your antique collection or your newly created art piece.

Scan with Excellent Tonal Range

Improved Tonal Range

16bit internal color depth offering high resolution digital images with perfect highlight and shadow details.

Faithful Color Reproduction with Each Scan

Faithful Color Reproduction

ICC color profiling and artist color proofing allows your colors remain faithful on any of our printed substrates.

Local Honolulu, Hawaii Business

Local Business

Our friendly customer service will make you feel like ohana. Being local allows you to drop off your originals free from worry of damage from shipping.

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