chromaco art

Dear Hawai'i art community,

June 15 - UPDATE

The transition of Chromaco to its new ownership under Pictures Pus is proceeding quickly, and we expect Chromaco to re-open at its new location next month.  Here are some more details for you:


Re-Open Date:

Monday, July 1, 2024


Pictures Plus (Kakaako store)
670 Auahi Steet #14
Honolulu, HI 96813


M-F, 8:30am – 5:00pm


Fine Art Scanning
Fine Art Printing - Canvas, Paper, Metal & Wood
Ceramic printing (tile)

Not Continued: 

Mugs, t-shirts, other “merchandise” products.


Same pricing as current Chromaco catalog.

Scan & Print Files:

All scan and print files will be saved and available for use thru Pictures Plus.

For support & orders starting July 1:   (same email)
(808) 545-5511                    (same phone)           (same website)

Until the end of this month (June), we will continue to reply to inquiries and deliver remaining previously ordered prints, however no new orders are able to be submitted.



Pictures Plus Acquires Chromaco Fine Art Services: Continuing a Legacy of Excellence in Scanning and Printing

Kakaako, HI — We are thrilled to announce that Pictures Plus has acquired the assets and employees of Chromaco Fine Art Services, a revered name in the art community for over 23 years. As the owners of Chromaco Fine Art Services, we are delighted to share this exciting news, and see Chromaco continue its tradition as a respected brand and fine art division of Pictures Plus.

Our long-standing relationship with Pictures Plus as both a supplier and customer has made this transition seamless and natural. Chromaco has set the benchmark for quality in fine art scanning and printing in Hawaii, and we are honored to have Pictures Plus carry this legacy forward. By utilizing the same top-notch scanning and printing equipment, and retaining the skilled employees who have been the backbone of Chromaco’s success, there will be continuity and excellence in the services and products you have trusted over the years.

This acquisition not only preserves key art jobs in Hawaii, but also enhances Chromaco’s ability to serve the artist community. With Chromaco’s color expertise and Pictures Plus’s expansive manufacturing resources, the new division will offer a broader product line, delivering even greater value to all customers.  Chromaco will maintain the high standards of quality, service, and reliability that artists and photographers in Hawaii have come to expect over the years.

The new division will be conveniently located in Kakaako, making it easily accessible for customers. Whether you need high-quality scans, exquisite giclee prints, or any of our other comprehensive services, you can expect the same exceptional experience you’ve always enjoyed. We are excited about the opportunities this merger brings, and look forward to serving you with an even wider array of products and services, stay tuned for more updates shortly.

Thank you for your continued support and trust. We are eager to see Chromaco embark on this new chapter with you, strengthening the vibrant art community in Hawaii.

Warm regards,

Larry McCarthy & Todd Georgopapadakos

Owners, Chromaco Fine Art Services



Further information will be shared via email and posted o this website the transition proceeds.  The goal is to provide customers with the same Chromaco quality products and customer service as we’ve delivered over the last 23 years.  Please feel free to contact us at or give us a call at (808) 545-5511.

Scan Files

If you have previously scanned artwork with us, feel free to send a request to for a copy of your files (recipients will be verified).  Include your name, phone #, email and what files you would like.


  • Scanning - accepting orders through May 31
  • Canvas Prints - no longer accepting orders
  • Metal Prints - no longer accepting orders
  • Paper Prints - accepting orders through May 31
  • Shipping - accepting requests through May 31


  • June (date TBD) - Warehouse Sale (inventory & materials)
  • July (date TBD) - relaunch at new Kakaako location