maui lahaina fire art recovery

~ Maui Art Recovery Program ~

Our hearts are heavy as we extend our deepest condolences to those affected by Maui's devastating wildfires. We stand in solidarity with our creative community members who have suffered the unimaginable loss of loved ones, homes, studios, and livelihoods.
As neighbors from Oahu, we are here to offer our unwavering support and resources to help you navigate through these challenging times. You are not alone on this journey of recovery.
With heartfelt sympathy,
Larry McCarthy & The Chromaco Fine Art Team

How Can We Help?

At present, we are providing the following resources to those affected by the wildfires. We will continue to search for ways that we can be of service to our Maui community, and we welcome your input on how we can best provide support during this trying time.

  • Art Scan Files - For existing customers who have lost computer files, our server has copies of all high-res scan files and print files dating back to 2001. Simply let us know what you need using the form below or by dropping us a line at 
  • Art Printing - Need art prints fast to fulfill online orders and keep your business up and running?  We an make prints on canvas, paper, metal and wood for you, with heavily discounted pricing to assist you and your retail accounts in resuming sales as quickly as possible (for people "directly impacted" by the fire).
  • Shipping - We can  securely package and drop ship prints directly from Chromaco to your customers domestically and internationally.
  • Invoices and Records - We are happy to provide copies of your past invoices and order records that may help with processing insurance claims.
  • Maui Fundraiser - our sister brand has formed an art sales program to raise funds for Maui.  If you have Maui-themed art and photography, check out Art for Maui!
  • How Else Can We Help? - If there is anything else we can offer to support your business, please let us know using the form below or by emailing us at

More Artist Resources

If you need to find Hawaii-based art restoration assistance or other art industry resources, take a look at our Resources page... and if you know of a resource we should add, please let us know.

Download the Latest Catalog

If you are not familiar with Chromaco's art printing services, download our current catalog - it describes all our media, example sizing, artist wholesale pricing and more.  And of course contact us with any questions at

Click to download:  Chromaco Art Services Catalog

If we can help you in any other way, please feel free to reach out immediately!


Phone:  808-545-5511



You can fill out this form to request selected or all copies of your scan files that are already archived at Chromaco (or email us at  There is no charge, although we will verify your identity and ownership for security purposes.
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Its easy to order prints with us!  Just click to the Uploads page and submit your files and related contact and print information.

Click here to submit a print request:

Make sure you review our catalog (download link above) to see all media and options we offer, and contact us at with any questions!


Chromaco is very experienced with shipping art to US and international destinations.  We can print, pack and drop-ship art on your behalf to help you continue to sell and support your art program while recovering.

We can also support with any special art related shipping needs you may have to/from Maui.

We use Fedex, USPS and DHL as our primary carriers, and have negotiated contract rates to assure reasonable shipping costs.

Email us with any questions:



I don’t have the heart to discuss weekend events, even assuming there will be any. These wildfires have been ultimately destructive especially in Lahaina. It’s truly heartbreaking. So much history lost. A lot of people are asking what they can do.

I wanted to share some resources if you need help or looking to donate or volunteer. Please be careful giving to fundraisers. Unfortunately, people do take advantage of these situations with fake fundraisers. The following are all places to give where you can ensure it’s coming back to the community.

We will update this section as we learn of new resources... please email us at if you have any new information we should add!