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We’ve worked with a variety of fine artists in Hawaii and pride ourselves on providing helpful and effective fine art services and products. Our hands-on color corrected scan services and high quality print products set us apart from other commercial print companies in Hawaii. We’ve scanned a variety of artwork – acrylic and oil paintings, mixed media, acrylic resin, and even synthetic silicone skin! Our range of mediums empower local fine artists to expand or start their art business.

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The amazing advancements in technology for producing high quality prints has allowed us to create prints that could previously be created only in a dark room. We can create prints that are high detail and vibrant, with exceptional richness. In addition, the photo papers we offer have been coated to be instant-dry and scratch-resistant – making photo prints easier to handle and more versatile. Many of our photography customers are also big fans of aluminum prints! This new medium is popular for a reason – stunning detail and color, beautiful glossy finish, and easy to hang.

Check out some of the photographers we’ve worked with:


For over 18 years, we have provided specialized scanning and printing services for a wide range of customers who trust in our work. Art dealers, brokers, and collectors appreciate the professional-grade scans we produce for their documentation or authentication needs, appraisal purposes, and marketing or sales collateral. We also scan, retouch, and print old heirloom paintings so families can cherish them for many more years!


We have experience scanning antique paintings, maps, photographs, tapestries, old magazines, newspapers, and much more! Many documents cannot be captured on a drum scanner, which is why we invested in a Hasselblad 200 Megapixel multi-shot scanning camera. Our production team is flexible and able to perform on-site scans with our professional-grade scanning equipment. We also produce large volumes of prints for corporate and commercial organizations that want to give creative and unique gifts to their employees and customers.


Do you have a need to transfer licensed artwork to signage, wall displays, home decor, remodeling projects or other residential/commercial design projects? We can help! Our production team has produced high resolution scans of artwork that has been printed on wall vinyl clings, large vinyl signs, and even car wraps for a Lamborghini. We also have the equipment, knowledge, and expertise to produce high-quality, long-lasting prints for the hospitality industry, government, and design companies.


Chromaco is proud to be a Hawai’i company that contributes to local non-profit organizations and fundraising projects that we believe in. We donate our time and resources to produce high quality scan files and prints for special events, marketing collateral, and fundraising efforts. Creating a limited edition of fine art prints for a special event is a great way to commemorate an occasion! It is also a creative way to fundraise and reward donors with a memorable and exclusive gift.