Photoshop Retouching

It is important your art prints are packed correctly in order to ensure they arrive safely and look professional. Keeping material costs down is equally as important. We make sure that the materials that are in direct contact with giclee prints are acid free. This means using acid-free plastic sleeves and acid-free tape to seal those bags (while cardboard and packing tape are not acid-free materials, they will not damage your giclees during a 1-2 week shipping time). Just be sure to tell the person receiving your giclees to remove them from the packaging as soon as possible to prevent long-term exposure to these materials.

We also recommend shipping giclees flat when possible. We ship prints up to 20″x30″ in flat boxes. This prevents the prints from acquiring a curl from being rolled in a tube. Also it is difficult to roll a heavyweight fine art paper print that is smaller than 20″x30″ without it getting damaged or creased.

We have negotiated custom shipping rates for Fedex, UPS and DHL in order to keep shipping costs down, and also use USPS for smaller orders if desired. We have experience shipping around the world, from small boxes to full pallets.

Shipping and packaging is quoted per job, as requirements vary considerably. Contact us for more information!