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Custom Tile Murals

Chromaco is pleased to bring custom-printed, commercial-grade tiles to Hawaii.. these are NOT dye sublimation tiles that are subject to fading and scratching... these are true construction tiles glaze-printed and fired in a kiln at 1,800 degrees to make them impervious to UV and water, with true photographic quality resolution.  These tiles are ideal for larger multi-tile murals for both indoor and outdoor wall applications.

  • Offer New Products - art and photography are natural matches for tile murals. With modern technology, your designs can be faithfully reproduced as professional grade ceramic murals for indoor OR outdoor wall applications, allowing you to expand your product offerings to existing fans, reach new customers and demographics (think ”interior design & architecture”), and grow sales.
  • Reach New Audiences – offer your art on tiles to many new audiences that regularly use tile – interior designers, architects, contractors, hotels & hospitality, restaurants, destinations, education, government and DIY homeowners.  Commercial and residential construction (& remodeling) is a huge market in Hawaii - add your art to the project to bring life to the walls.
  • Wall Murals - our custom printed tiles are perfect for wall decoration. And by using many tiles in a mural, designs can fit large walls, be wrapped around windows/fixtures and of course our tiles can be cut, installed, grouted and sealed like any other tile.
  • Water Murals – imagine your art or photography installed on tiles at the bottom of a big swimming pool or spa – dolphins, turtles, fish… a beautiful and durable display for years, impervious to UV, chemicals and water (we recommend porcelain tiles for water applications).

Mural Tech Specs

  • Various common tile sizes and shapes available... 4.25", 6", 8", up to 12"x12"
  • Ceramic and Porcelain tiles can be used
  • Tiles are standard construction size and materials
  • Outdoor/UV safe – color will not fade
  • Easy to clean with common residential or ceramic tile cleaning solutions
  • Full color printing, with detailed photographic quality
  • Easy to replace exact “damaged” tiles – we just reprint from the same digital file
  • Services – we can assist with design services, packaging, drop shipping and more.
  • NOTE - our ceramic tiles are great for indoor/outdoor wall applications, but are NOT suitable for floor applications due to abrasion, or winter/freezing environments.

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