Photoshop Retouching

Part of Chromaco’s mission is to support the local art community through the development of new products. We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to reproduce art, and regularly experiment with materials such as wood, steel, ceramic, acrylic, etc., both for physical printing as well as finishing applications. Our goal is to provide you, the artist/photographer, with more print options to better match your imagery and/or expand your product line.

We understand that your customers are always looking for something “fresh” from you, and besides new images, it may increase your time and productivity to widen your product line, and not just create more images. Of course you have to consider what type of materials, or loon-n-fell, matches your art program. Besides the variety of substrates we currently offer, if you have a desire to test new materials, please contact us and we will try to collaborate with you. Currently our print technologies include: Epson pigmented (roll), Roland UV (flat bed / rigid media), dye sublimation (roll), as well as multiple surface treatments (aqueous coating, liquid resin). Contact us for more information and to discuss your project!