Chromaco's Archival Giclée Paper Prints

 Our prints are carefully calibrated for each paper to
enhance detail and color accuracy to the final print.


Hahnemühle Paper

Comprised of true fine art papers with varying grammage and surface structures for art reproductions, photographs, and digital art. Read more...

Premium Paper

Selection of premium, acid-free papers that ensure high quality and vibrant reproductions of both photographs and paintings. Read more...

Standard Paper

Straightforward and reliable papers that are all coated to be resistant to both scratches and smudging, excellent for reproductions. Read more...

Poster Paper

The best choice for printing temporary displays or signage of your artwork at events, not recommended for fine art prints. Read more...

Our Giclée Prints


High Quality Prints

Sharp, Detailed, and Vibrant

Maximum resolution of 2880×1440 for incredibly sharpness and extremely accurate fine blends, highlight-to-shadow detail, and photographic transitions with no visible graininess due to the printing process.

Excellent Tonal Range

Improved Tonal Range

Three-level black ink technology significantly improves gray balance, eliminates colorcast, better highlight-to-shadow balance, and true black and white reproduction.

Archival Printing Process

Archival Quality

Archival inks, acid-free papers, and professional print permanence and third-part testing has proven our prints last 80+ years.

Faithful Color Reproduction

Faithful Color Reproduction

Internal color management systems, ICC color profiling, and artist color proofing allows your colors to remain faithful to how you originally created them.

Local Honolulu, Hawaii Business

Local Business

Our friendly customer service will make you feel like ohana. Being local allows you to work closely with us and have more control throughout the entire process. And also, no shipping, no waiting..

Large Format Prints Available

Large Format

Our printers are capable of handling media rolls up to a huge 60″ wide by 40-feet long, supporting your biggest reproduction needs.

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