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Multi-Panel Layout

Have a single image printed across multiple panels for a larger or stylized result.

Faithful Color Reproduction

Internal color management systems, ICC color profiling, and artist color proofing allows your colors to remain faithful to how you originally created them.

Chromaco - Modern and Sleek Aluminum Printing

Modern and Sleek

A minimalist silhouette allows frameless and contemporary hanging methods. Comes with a hidden float mount that makes your image look like it’s floating.

What is Chromalum?

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Paper prints + aluminum composite

Similar to Dibond, Chromalum prints are high quality color-accurate archival art prints on paper that have been mounted on aluminum composite board, then laminated with a protective UV finish.


The core substrate is two layers of aluminum sandwiching a middle layer of plastic, providing a great combination of rigidity and lightness for larger prints. Print can be float mounted and hung directly, or installed in a float frame (frame not provided by Chromaco).

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Multiple Finishes

We know it's important to give your collectors choices, which is why we're offering Chromalum prints with two classic finishes: matte or glossy. Stop by to check out a sample of each finish in person!

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